forest boardwalkWalking Tracks

The property is set within a mix of forests and wetland environments. Sue and Carl have put in a series of easy grade bush tracks and boardwalks to enable you to explore this special place. For an extended walk you could follow the track to the Murrah beach and then into the Mimosa Rocks National Park.


The mix of forests also means there is a large variety of birdlife as an avid birdwatcher, Sue has identified over 100 species on the property. Being on an estuary means the shore birds and waders are also part of the environment.

Sapphire Coast Ecotours

Sapphire Coast Ecotours

Sue is also the proprietor of Sapphire Coast Ecotours.  With many years bush walking experience around Australia , a degree in Environmental Studies and a passion for birdwatching and photography and painting, Sue can arrange a personal guided birdwatching tour for you  or she can direct you to the interesting sites for your self guided walk. (minimal costs apply)

With the help of her geologist husband, Sue also conducts guided nature walks on the property looking at the connections between elements within nature. How have climate, millions of years of geological activity and humans shaped our coast? How has climate change affected the coastal landforms?